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  • Drupt Pendant Piece of Amsterdam
    Drupt Pendant Piece of Amsterdam

    This pendant contains a small piece of a treasured Amsterdam tree. When trees are young, they pretty much all look the same. But, as they grow older, they weather storms and are battered by the forces of wind and water. Its a…

    € 29,95
  • Drupt Pendant Jeans
    Drupt Pendant Jeans

    In this pendant, there is a small piece of discarded jeans. Jeans came a long way, from a workers uniform to symbol of youth rebellion to fashion statement. We give jeans a second life. The fibers give a special twist to the…

    € 24,95
  • Drupt Pendant Lightweight
    Drupt Pendant Lightweight

    This pendant captured a piece of aluminum foil. Usually, you just use it and throw it away in a ball after a few days. But aluminum also has a projective energy. It's is in a sense, an invisibility cloak that deflects energy being…

    € 29,95
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